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Welcome to the Online Lecture Library, an initiative of the IEEE Control Systems Society.  The Library features plenary lectures from CSS conferences and selected other content.  For more information, contact the Editor, Electronic Publications for the Society, Jianghai Hu (jianghai@purdue.edu).

2011 CDC

  • John C. Doyle

    This talk will focus on progress towards a more “unified” theory for complex networks involving several elements: hard limits on achievable robust performance ( “laws”), the organizing principles that succeed or fail in achieving them (architectures and protocols), the resulting high variability data and “robust yet fragile” behavior observed...

    IEEE CDC-ECC 2011 Plenary Lecture - Orlando, FL, December 2011
  • John Baillieul

    The year 1948 was auspicious for information science and technology. Norbert Wiener's book Cybernetics was published by Wiley, the transistor was invented (and given its name), and Shannon's seminal paper "A Mathematical Theory of Communication" was published in the Bell System Technical Journal. In the years that followed, important ideas of...

    IEEE CDC-ECC 2011 Bode Lecture - Orlando, FL, December 2011

2010 MSC

2010 CDC

  • Brian Anderson

    Central banks and funds investment managers work with mathematical models. In recent years, a new class of model has come into prominence—generalized dynamic factor models. These are characterized by having a modest number of inputs, corresponding to key economic variables and industry-sector-wide variables for central banks and funds managers...

    IEEE 2010 CDC Plenary Lecture
  • Joao Hespanha

    Hybrid systems combine continuous-time dynamics with discrete modes of operation. The states of such system usually have two distinct components: one that evolves continuously, typically according to a differential equation; and another one that only changes through instantaneous jumps.

    We present a model for Stochastic Hybrid Systems (...

    IEEE 2010 CDC Semi-Plenary Lecture
  • Manfred Morari

    Twenty years ago I delivered a plenary lecture with the same title at the ACC in Boston. I will go back and reflect on the successes and failures, on what we have learned and which problems remain open. The focus will be on robust and constrained control and the real time implementation of control algorithms. I will comment on the progress we...

    IEEE 2010 CDC Bode Lecture
  • Marco C. Campi

    Designs in systems and control are traditionally carried out through deterministic algorithms consisting of a sequence of steps set by deterministic rules. This approach, however, can be generalized by the introduction of randomization: a randomized algorithm is an algorithm where one or more steps are based on a random rule, that is – among...

    IEEE 2010 CDC Plenary Lecture