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Welcome to the Online Lecture Library, an initiative of the IEEE Control Systems Society.  The Library features plenary lectures from CSS conferences and selected other content.  For more information, contact the Editor, Electronic Publications for the Society, Jianghai Hu (jianghai@purdue.edu).

2009 CDC

  • Peter E. Caines

    This talk presents the Mean Field (or Nash Certainty Equivalence (NCE)) methodology initiated with Min-Yi Huang and Roland Malhamé for the analysis and control of large population stochastic dynamic systems. Optimal control problems for multi-agent stochastic systems, in particular those with non-classical information patterns and those with...

    48th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Shanghai, China, Dec. 2009

2007 CDC

  • Tryphon Georgiou

    The analysis of signals into constituent harmonics and the estimation of their power distribution are considered fundamental to systems engineering. Due to its significance in modeling and identification, spectral analysis is in fact a "hidden technology" in a wide range of application areas, and a variety of sensor technologies, ranging from...

    Plenary lecture, IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, New Orleans, U.S.A., December 2007
  • Peyton Young

    Over the past decade, game theorists have made substantial progress in identifying simple learning heuristics that lead to equilibrium behavior without making unrealistic demands on agents information or computational abilities, as is the case in the  perfect rationality approach to game theory. Recent research shows that very complex,...

    Plenary lecture, IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, New Orleans, U.S.A., December 2007
  • P. S. Krishnaprasad

    Pursuit phenomena in nature have a vital role in survival of species. In addition to prey-capture and mating behavior, pursuit phenomena appear to underlie territorial battles in certain species of insects. In this talk we discuss the geometric patterns in certain pursuit and prey capture phenomena in nature, and suggest sensorimotor feedback...

    Plenary lecture, IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, New Orleans, U.S.A., December 2007


  • Tamer Basar

    Fifty years ago, when control was emerging as a scientific discipline fueled by developments in dynamic, recursive decision making, dynamical systems and stability theory, a separate discipline, differential games, was being born in response to the need to develop a framework and associated solution tools for strategic dynamic...

    2004 Bode Prize Lecture, The Bahamas, December 2004




  • Dr. Gunter Stein

    An understanding of fundamental limitations is an essential element in all engineering.  Shannon’s early results on channel capacity have always had center court in signal processing.  Strangely, the early results of Bode were not accorded the same attention in control. It was therefore highly appropriate that the IEEE Control Systems...

    Inaugural Bode Prize Lecture, Tampa, Florida, December 1989