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Welcome to the Online Lecture Library, an initiative of the IEEE Control Systems Society.  The Library features plenary lectures from CSS conferences and selected other content.  For more information, contact the Editor, Electronic Publications for the Society, Maria Prandini (maria.prandini@polimi.it).

2018 ACC
Lecture Title Author View
General Anesthesia as a Paradigm for Physiological System Control
Emery N. Brown View Lecture
The Guidance, Navigation, and Control Challenges of Landing on Mars and Europa
Miguel San Martin View Lecture
Capacity of Societal Cyber-Physical Systems
Ketan Savla View Lecture
Squeezing the Limits of Autonomy: Flight Control for the RoboBee
Robert J. Wood View Lecture
2018 CDC
Lecture Title Author View
Resource-aware control in a hyperconnected world with applications to cooperative driving
Maurice Heemels View Lecture
From alchemy to electricity: how our community can create breakthroughs in reinforcement learning
Sean Meyn View Lecture
Robotics Meet Wireless Communications: Opportunities and Challenges
Yasamin Mostofi View Lecture
Control across scales by positive and negative feedback
Rodolphe Sepulchre View Lecture
The Centrality of Control Theory in Robotics
Mark Spong View Lecture
2017 CDC
Lecture Title Author View
Rolling horizon stochastic policy optimization with application to the treatment of type-1 diabetes mellitus
Graham C. Goodwin View Lecture
Control Engineers: The Unsung Heroes of Battery Technology
Anna G. Stefanopoulou View Lecture
The role of Structure in Optimization and Control: how to detect it, and how to exploit it
Pablo Parrilo View Lecture
Learning from Nature: When Models Meet Multitudes
Naomi E. Leonard View Lecture
2017 ACC
Lecture Title Author View
Achieving High Level Control Goals with Model Predictive Control
James Rawlings View Lecture
Model Reduction of Networks Preserving the Network First and Second Order Structure
Jacquelien Scherpen View Lecture
A Data-driven Approach to Nonlinear Systems Control, Robotics, and Life Sciences in the Era of Big Data
Harry Asada View Lecture
Flying Robots: Towards Smaller, Safer, Smarter and Faster UAVs
Professor Vijay Kumar View Lecture
Graph-Theoretic Convexification of Polynomial Optimization Problems with Applications to Power Systems and Distributed Control
Javad Lavaei (2016 Eckman Award Winner) View Lecture
2017 CCTA
Lecture Title Author View
Connected Vehicles: Closing the loop with the highway
Petros Ioannou View Lecture
2016 CDC
Lecture Title Author View
On the first experimental realization of a quantum state feedback
Pierre Rouchon View Lecture
Modeling and Control of Power Flow for Transient Thermal Systems
Andrew G. Alleyne View Lecture
Smart Cities as Cyber-Social-Physical Systems
Christos G. Cassandras View Lecture
Distributed Large-Scale Optimization
Angelia Nedich View Lecture
Future Directions in Control: A Look Backwards and Forwards
Richard M. Murray View Lecture
2016 ACC
Lecture Title Author View
Combined Feedforward/Feedback Control of Flexible Structures: Recurring Themes across Diverse Applications
Lucy Pao, The University of Colorado at Boulder, USA View Lecture
Open-Ended Control Challenges in the Oil Service Industry
Dr. Jason Dykstra (Halliburton) and Professor Karlene A. Hoo (Montana State University) View Lecture
Therapeutic robotics: challenges of controlling physical interaction
Neville Hogan Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) , USA View Lecture
Controlling the Next Generation of Bipedal Robots and Robotic Assistive Devices
Aaron Ames (2015 Eckman Award Winner) Georgia Institute of Technology View Lecture
Nano to Really Macro: How working with AFMs can help with design of medical devices for hospitals in resource poor countries
Delphine Dean Clemson University, USA View Lecture
Mathematical Optimization in Everyday Life: The Growing Role of Hidden Algorithms in Smart Products and Systems
Stephen Boyd Stanford University, USA View Lecture
Accelerating the Pace Toward Smarter Controlled Systems
Jack Little, MathWorks, USA View Lecture
2015 CDC
Lecture Title Author View
Fragility of Networked Systems
Munther A. Dahleh, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA. View Lecture
Network Systems in Science and Technology
View Lecture
Distributed Energy Management Systems toward Smart Cities: International Research Collaboration
Masayuki Fujita, Department of Mechanical and Control Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. View Lecture
High-gain Observers in Nonlinear Feedback Control
Hassan K. Khalil, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Michigan State University, East Lansing. View Lecture
2015 ACC
Lecture Title Author View
New Directions in Advanced Control of Semiconductor Manufacturing
Thomas F. Edgar View Lecture
Lean, Green, Flying Machines: Control Algorithms for Better Air Transportation Systems
Hamsa Balakrishnan- Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology View Lecture
2014 ACC
Lecture Title Author View
Plenary: Symbiotic Relations: Control Theory and Practice
Keith Glover View Lecture
Semi-plenary: Control of powertrain systems at the high efficiency limit
Anna G. Stefanopoulou View Lecture
Semi-plenary: Unlocking Performance - How Controls Will Shape The Upcoming Business Landscape
Dr. Juan de Bedout View Lecture
Semi-plenary: New Directions in Networked and Distributed Parameter Systems
Bassam Bamieh View Lecture
Control of Cyber-Physical Systems: Recent Results and New Challenges
Vijay Gupta View Lecture
2014 CDC
Lecture Title Author View
PDE Control: Designs and Applications
Miroslav Krstic View Lecture
Hybrid Systems: Analysis and Control
Claire Tomlin View Lecture
Sixty is the new Twelve
Bob Bitmead & Michel Gevers View Lecture
Bode Lecture: The Robot Rendezvous Problem
Bruce Francis View Lecture
2013 ACC
Lecture Title Author View
Advanced Motion Control for High Tech Systems
Maarten Steinbuch View Lecture
Event-Based Optimization of Stochastic Systems and Its Applications to Social, Financial, and Engineering Problems
Xi-Ren Cao View Lecture
Intelligent Monitoring and Decision Support in Healthcare Systems
Markus Fromherz View Lecture
Game Theory: A Modern Approach to Multiagent Coordination
Jason Marden View Lecture
2013 MSC
Lecture Title Author View
Maarten Steinbuch View Lecture
Signal Processing via Sampled-Data Control - A Challenge to Go Beyond Shannon
Yutaka Yamamoto View Lecture
Jean-Bernard Lasserre View Lecture
2013 CDC
Lecture Title Author View
Controlling Wind Energy for Utility Grid Reliability
Lucy Pao View Lecture
From Distributed Control Systems to Game Theory: There and Back Again
Jeff S. Shamma View Lecture
How to Give a Conference Talk - How Your Presentation Can Turn Bad
Yutaka Yomamoto View Lecture
Can Control Science Bring New Insights to Stock Trading Research?
B. Ross Barmish View Lecture
2012 ACC
Lecture Title Author View
Accomplishments and Prospects of Control
Karl Johan Åström View Lecture
Autonomous spacecraft control: from terrestrial to planetary exploration missions
Jean de Lafontaine View Lecture
Toward IT-enabled power systems: large-scale distributed control for tomorrow's electricity grid
Marija D. Ilic View Lecture
Systems Nanotechnology: Identification, Estimation, and Control of Nanoscale Systems
Richard D. Braatz View Lecture
Control with stochastic components: How cells achieve homeostasis and exploit fluctuations
Hana El-Samad View Lecture
2012 CDC
Lecture Title Author View
The Grid with Intelligent Periphery
Kameshwar Poolla View Lecture
Control of Multi-Robot Systems: From Formations to Human-Swarm Interactions
Magnus Egerstedt View Lecture
Cyborg Yeast: Feedback Control of Cell Populations
Mustafa Khammash View Lecture
Estimation and Identification of Population Systems
John Lygeros View Lecture
Taming the Upcoming Data Deluge: A Systems and Control Perspective
Mario Sznaier View Lecture
Highly Agile and Robust Robotic Bipedal Locomotion Through Nonlinear Geometric Control
Jessy Grizzle View Lecture
2011 Non Conference Videos
Lecture Title Author View
Analysis and design of extremum seeking controllers
Dragan Nesic View Lecture
Predicting Extreme Events in Finance, Internet Traffic, and Weather
Mathukumalli Vidyasagar View Lecture
2011 CDC
Lecture Title Author View
Are stochastic dynamics the foundation of intelligence?
Weibo Gong View Lecture
Monitoring of Large-scale Nonlinear Systems by Approximation-based Methods: Theory and Industrial Perspectives
Thomas Parisini View Lecture
Smart Grid: Overview, Issues, and Challenges
S. Massoud Amin View Lecture
Probabilistic Methods in Cancer Biology
Mathukumalli Vidyasagar View Lecture
Semidefinite Relaxation for Quadratic and Quartic Optimization with Applications to Wireless Communication
Zhi-Quan Luo View Lecture
Control of Distributed Systems
Jan H. van Schuppen View Lecture
Approximate Bi-simulation Bridging CS and Control
George J. Pappas View Lecture
CDC at 50
View Lecture
Encounters with System Identification
Lennart Ljung View Lecture
Taming Dr. Frankenstein: Contract-Based Design for Cyberphysical Systems
Alberto Sangiovanni Vincentelli View Lecture
Universal Laws and Architectures
John C. Doyle View Lecture
Fifty Years of Information Based Control Theory
John Baillieul View Lecture
2010 MSC
Lecture Title Author View
From Sampled-data Control to Signal Processing - Beyond the Shannon Paradigm
Yutaka Yamamoto View Lecture
Extremum Seeking for Nash Games in Financial and Energy Markets
Miroslav Krstic View Lecture
Modeling and Coping with Extremely Rare or Adverse Events
M. Vidyasagar View Lecture
Computation - The Emerging Bottle-Neck in Integrated Circuit Design and Manufacture
Kameshwar Poolla View Lecture
2010 CDC
Lecture Title Author View
Tall Transfer Functions, Singular Spectra and Econometric Modelling
Brian Anderson View Lecture
Why Should I Care About Stochastic Hybrid Systems?
Joao Hespanha View Lecture
The Role of Theory in Control Practice
Manfred Morari View Lecture
Randomization in Systems and Control
Marco C. Campi View Lecture
Switched Systems with Positivity Constraints
Maria Elena Valcher View Lecture
2009 ACC
Lecture Title Author View
Learning and Dynamics in Networks
Asu Ozdaglar View Lecture
Getting to the Gray Box: Some challenges for model reduction
George Verghese View Lecture
From Hybrid to Networked Cyber-Physical Systems
Panos J. Antsaklis View Lecture
2009 MSC
Lecture Title Author View
Geometry, Optimization and Control in Robot Coordination
Francesco Bullo View Lecture
Modeling, Simulation, Analysis and Control of Traffic Corridors
Roberto Horowitz View Lecture
Automobile of the Future – Options of Efficient Individual Mobility
Lino Guzzella View Lecture
2009 CDC
Lecture Title Author View
Poisson Processes and the Design of Finite State Controllers
Roger W. Brockett View Lecture
Towards a System Theoretic Foundation for Control over Networks
P.R. Kumar View Lecture
New Opportunities for Control: Quantum Internal Model Principle and Decoherence Control
Tzyh Jong Tarn View Lecture
Mean Field Stochastic Control
Peter E. Caines View Lecture
2007 CDC
Lecture Title Author View
The meaning of Distances in Spectral Analysis
Tryphon Georgiou View Lecture
Strategic Learning
Peyton Young View Lecture
Pursuit and Cohesion: In Nature and by Design
P. S. Krishnaprasad View Lecture
Lecture Title Author View
Games, Decisions, and Control: Fifty Years Back, Fifty Years Forward
Tamer Basar View Lecture
Lecture Title Author View
The ISS Philosophy as a Unifying Framework for Stability-Like Behavior
Eduardo D. Sontag View Lecture
Lecture Title Author View
Finesse et Géométrie
Alberto Isidori View Lecture
Lecture Title Author View
Controller Design: Getting from Theory to Practice
Brian Anderson View Lecture
Lecture Title Author View
Respect the Unstable
Dr. Gunter Stein View Lecture